Professional Tennis Coaching for Adults Tuesdays 8pm (1h),    

 £10 per player (Please Pay the Coach directly)

Where: YMCA Hawker Centre, Kingston, KT2 5BH,     

 Lesson is suitable for players with some tennis experience, intermediate and advanced players, Experience dynamic drills and points play. Interested? Sign up NOW: OR 

07840185684 Thanks for your interest 



Adult Tennis for Beginners, Improvers, Intermediate, Advanced players – mz tennis offers tennis lessons (group/private)for all levels and abilities. Players learn the basics of the game, main shots (forehand, backhand, volley and serve, stroke production). 



Players will work on developing/improving their knowledge of the game, keeping the ball in play using a range of strokes.Lessons also aim to improve player's groundstrokes by introducing a more advanced swing that allows you to hit with more spin, power and become more consistent. We will introduce net play by learning how/when to hit approach shots and volleys. Service is covered as well to improve a player's technique, consistency and placement. Game based drills will help players to develop/improve their understanding of competitive game/environment (decision making, shot selection,                                                                        strengths, weaknesses).    




 We look forward to meeting you on tennis court



Additional services:

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